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Iphone 5 Disabled - About Iphone disabled problems solutionsIt's simple website talking about iphone disabled and introduction new and easy solutions to solve this problem .

Iphone 5 Disabled Iphone 5 Disabled

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Steps to enable or disable mobile data on your Apple iPhone 5 You may wish to disable mobile data to improve battery life or while troubleshooting connectivity issues.

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How to Disable GPS on an iPhone. When playing videos, listening to music, or viewing pictures on your iPhone, having the GPS feature on can quickly drain your battery

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An iPhone may stop functioning normally for several reasons. It may have run out of battery power, or a corrupted download may have caused it suddenly to freeze and

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Jailbreak / Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G with iOS 6.1 firmware Any country including UNITED STATES! Use "Siri" On Your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4!!