Galaxy S4 Dropped Calls

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Galaxy S4 Dropped Calls Galaxy S4 Dropped Calls

samsung’s latest high-end smartphone represents a refinement of its earlier efforts, but is that enough to guarantee its success in the smartphone market of 2013? Samsung galaxy s4 review | android central the samsung galaxy s4 is the latest addition to the galaxy s family, but does it live up to its heritage? Samsung galaxy s4 review | technobuffalo use findthebest to compare the samsung galaxy s4 to the best smartphones based on tech specs, reviews, ratings, carriers, price, and more. Samsung galaxy s4 specs and reviews - best smartphones samsung galaxy s4 review. summary: with the galaxy s4, samsung has squeezed a superb 5-inch screen and a host of high-end features into a slightly slimmer Samsung galaxy s4 review | zdnet - zdnet | technology news the htc one is equal to the galaxy s4 in many aspects, and where it feels inferior to the samsung, it manages to make up for it with something else. Samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one - call quality and conclusion join us for a detailed samsung galaxy s4 review of the hardware and software features of the galaxy s4. Samsung galaxy s4 review - android authority

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Dropped galaxy s4 phone - android forums at

Feb 22, 2010
My galaxy s4 was dropped and now the screen is black and will not come on. I can turn it off and on, can hear the tones that I'm getting text messages

Samsung galaxy s4 vs samsung galaxy note ii - call quality

Feb 22, 2010
Call qualityIronically, the Galaxy Note II proved to be the better phone of the two as its earpiece emits much clearer sound, while the microphone is

Samsung galaxy s4 profile issues and drop calls - android

Feb 22, 2010
I've been having many dropped calls with the S4 and I just bought it a few days ago. At first, calls were fine. But yesterday calls started dropping whenever someone